Friday, October 26, 2012

Ensamma ljusets ö - An Island

Hey, maybe you should check out the Whour Valley beta, which can be found via the world tab at the top of your screen.
Has your sim ever wanted to their suburban surroundings, leave all reason behind, and escape to a tiny island ? For a few days of vacation or a life of seclusion, Ensamma ljusets ö is the perfect place for your sim to go.



Situated 35 kilometers from the coast of Simweden, this island has always been disconnected from the civilized world. First encountered a thousand years back by a group of vikings, Ensamma ljusets ö was a welcoming sight at first, but they overstayed there welcome. Once onshore, a large wave came up and swept their ship out to sea, leaving them all stranded. The popular belief is that they all, with the exception of just one, died. Believing the island to be cursed, none of the native people ever landed on the island or even came close to it.

Another eight hundred years would pass before someone would make the mistake of coming to the island. Thinking he had spotted a pirate, Captain Bad Sight Johnson told his crew to make straight for the enemy and ram them. Unlike the first shipwrecked crew, only half of Johnson's crew died from starvation. The rest died upon impact.

A hundred years later in eighteen eighty-eight, another shipwreck similar to Johnsons occurred. Trying to make up lost time through fog, Captain Baddas Speetwader commanded his crew to push his powerful little passenger steamboat, The Tineetitanic, to its limits. Scraping the entire side of his ship along one of the rocks by accident, his need for speed led to a giant hole on the right side of his ship.Preferring speed over safety in purchasing his vessel, all of his lifeboats had been created from paper thin balsa wood. Approximately five kilometers and twenty minutes later , the boat became the home of fish, having sunk to the ocean's floor. Unfortunately there were no survivors.

Later that year the Simweden government decided they had to do something about the island. Erecting an lighthouse in honor of the island's first victim, Marty the marooned, the Simweden government thought this would stop the island's lethal capabilities. Well, it didn't. In the seventy-seven years that the lighthouse was in working order, seventy-eight lighthouse keepers lost their lives. Some of them died in normal ways like starvation, while others died in far more gruesome ways. With the exception of a few paparazzi, nobody has died on the island since it's abandonment.

Now, what will your sim do on the island?

How this world was created

An average world takes months of time to plan and build. This world has taken less than a week. Started on the the "a world in a weekend idea", this world was started midway through Friday and finished on the evening of Sunday. Had I thought about the necessary planning involved for uploading a world beforehand, I would've probably made my deadline of midnight on Sunday.

General world information

Map size: tiny (256x256)

Layers: 1

Terrain paints used: 14

According to the sims 3 create a world manual, a world should have no more than 8 terrain paints per chunk. Since this island is a tiny one chunk world, there are 14 terrain paints per chunk. Because this world is so small and lacking in vegetation, this excessive number of terrain paints has not caused any noticeable performance problems during testing.

Routing: While the large central island is fully routable, the surrounding decorative ones are not.

Spawners: Most of the basegame spawners have been placed. Since this world is best suited as a vacation destination, there is no need for it to offer all of the spawners a complete 70+ lot world would have.

Effects: seagulls, waves, and wave crash


This world is not pre-populated.


This world uses a series of color ramps and ini files to create a much more appealing surrounding than EA's default weather. The lovely sky you are seeing here was not created by me. Instead, it was created by Sixty-ten for her world, Pounawea. If you have not heard of or seen this world, you really should go take a look at it.

Fortunately, I was able to get Sixty-ten's permission to use her wonderful weather. I did make a few small changes to the Pounawea weather files, but nothing drastic.


This island's layout is pretty simple. There are no roads or sidewalks, and all of the lots are centrally placed around the middle of the island. It takes no more than a few sim minutes to get from any lot on the island to another.


This world does not include any rabbithole lots due to it being designed as a vacation world. With the islands current layout and size restrictions, it would prove very difficult if not impossible to add all rabbitholes.

Lots:6 in total, 2 residential and 4 commercial

Because the island has no roads or paths, none of the lots have addresses.

Lots sizes

Lot nameTypeSubtypesizebedroomsbathroomsfurnishedunfurnished
Abandoned BoathouseCommunityBase camp10x15oneone8,1238,333
Lonesome beachCommunityBeach15x15nonenone5951,930
Will-O'-The-Wasp beachCommunityBeach9x14nonenone2521,252
Lost LakeCommunityFishing spot25x25nonenone1,2501,250
Abandoned CottageResidentialna10x15oneone7,4127,882
Lonesome LighthouseResidentialna30x30oneone21,34822,223

Necessary Expansions and Game Version

Necessary Expansions

One person has had luck running this world on just the trio of expansion packs listed below. Another has had it running on just the Base game. So, this world should at least install and work on any sim's 3 game

Late Night
   Though this world only includes content from the base game, world adventures, showtime,and late night, since I have all of the EPs up to Showtime installed on my computer, I believe you will need the same Expansion packs as me for the world to install. If you download the world and have it installed on a game running just LN, SHT and WA, please post about it. I'd love to be proved wrong about this little belief.
          Thanks, many of you all have been helpful in solving this little paranoia of mine!!!
No stuff packs are needed.

Patch Level:

Your game must be updated to patch level 1.38.

Custom Content list:

This world contains no CC.


Just download, extract, and double click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this island have a Swedish name?

This world is based off of a small island on the coast of Sweden.

How am I supposed to travel to the island from my home world of Sunset Valley?

Take a look at Twallan's wonderful nraas traveler.

Credits and Thanks

CG textures - for textures.

Sixty-ten(awesims) - for ini/weather files.

Spladoum - best tester ever

Armiel - helped me make this an organized moderator-friendly upload

Virvatuli - translated name correctly

All Additional Credits

TVRdesigns, kathascha2, Belzader, jje1000, QBUILDERZ, SeeMyu, Ardhoniel, Tee Hee Hee, Sparklycookie, Riptide651, tizerist, and Jaguwar

and You, for looking at this post.


  1. Awesome island!♥ very beautiful! thank you!♥

  2. I love you. <3
    I've always wanted a world for Sims 3 that looks like something from the Swedish west coast, and this island looks exactly like a typical island from Bohuslän! I really really really love this world.
    Thank you so much! <3

  3. What a great island! I was bummed at first because it required Showtime, but it seems to run just fine with only World Adventures and Late Night. Only had a small problem with the merchant guy, who was stuck because he couldn't get to the beach. Seems like you have to guide your sim to the place manually. Otherwise, bravo!

  4. So ....... It doesn't work with only Late Night?! PLEASE SAY IT DOES! PLEASE!!! I really need this Island!!!

    1. I'm not sure if it will or will not work with just LT. Because I don't have a computer running just LT and Base, I've have no way to test how it might act without some eps. However, I do know that a number of items will be missing. Since it's only about 10 Mbs big, just download it and see if it works. Also, if it does work, could you post another message about that? It would be nice to be able to add that to the description.

    2. I have just Late Night and it works:). Thank you so much!

  5. I know this hasn't been commented on in awhile, but I am about to test it with the following:
    Late Night


    I will update just in case anyone else is wondering.

  6. Hey , I have only base game and it works ;)

    1. Thanks, I'll add that it has worked for someone running just the base-game.

  7. Your terrain painting and landscaping is as beautiful as ever. Thank you for this stunning world!

    I think I encountered a small routing problem, though. If a sim takes a plate of food from the counter in the Abandoned Cottage's kitchen, the sim drops the "eat plate" action, because apparently there's not enough room in the kitchen (even to eat standing). When I removed the wall between kitchen+bedroom, the sim walked to the bedroom and ate there. Odd though, as the kitchen isn't THAT small.

    1. Yes, that's definitely a small routing problem. Strangely, my game chooses to route sims to the bathroom, which is also a problem, over dropping the action completely. It's funny how our games are choosing different routes. Either way, I need to enlarge that kitchen. Since this world was made before seasons, there are a number of other issues, such as Sims freezing to death, that also need to be resolved. I'll try to release an update for these problems soon. Also, because the kitchen has so many doorways leading into it, it is "that small" in the game's mind.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. dear friend,

    I have downloaded and I've been playing your beautiful island.

    I have the base game only, and it runs smoothly nevertheless...
    the weather is so beautiful, with lots of changes, and how the sunny skies turn into cloudy days, seagulls flying and clouds passing by... the kind of seclusion my Sims were looking for.
    I've built them a modern glass house on Lonesome Beach, and they can enjoy both the moon setting and the sun rising from everywhere in the house. Very poetical.

    The biggest difference from your original is that the rocks have turned into huge oak trees, so that the bare island you conceived turned out to have a small green grove in the heart of it. It's beautiful, and kind of mysterious, to have those trees in the middle of the island, very atmospherical.

    I want to thank you so much. I feel happy and peaceful playing in the world you've created.


    1. Ohmygosh, thank you so much for telling me! :)

  10. This is gorgeous! It kind of reminds me of some small islands here in the Pacific North West. I've had a lot of fun playing with it!

  11. Lovely creation, worked fine with just Late Night and Pets :)

  12. can you make a base game version, the terrain did not turn out as awesome as it was supposed to, it became weirdly bulky and. In ur creation i loved that this island had no trees but when i opened it with only base game, oak trees suddenly appeared...... I love this work of urs, very beautiful... one request though, can u make a base game version...pls