Sunday, August 4, 2013

Whour Valley Beta 8/5/2013

From an overall sense, this world is in no way done. While this is the case, I'll be on vacation for the next two and a half weeks and have a strange yearning to upload it, so here it is.

The Name

Now, you're probably wondering why I would name a place Whour Valley. My reasons for choosing this name are based on the meaninglessness of it. Because there is no such word as "Whour," the world has no nationality, leaving it up to the player to choose where it is located. Also, there are the countless bad jokes that can be made from it. For example, there can be the historic Whour house, which the founder of the town lived in. Behind the house, his old shed still stands, containing many of the founder's hoes and other farming tools.

What is and isn't done

All of terrain is done, but some of the painting might not be final.

Regarding the rabbitholes, most of them have been placed, but some are still missing.

Most of the residential lots are not finished.

All of the roads and trees are in place.  

Though I haven't finished placing spawners, there's at least one of each base game spawner.

The lighting is probably done, but it's a constant wip, as I'm always editing it. 

Things to test

 dive spots, Are the two current ones adequately detailed, yet functional?

 routing, Can you count more stuck sims in a day than you can sheep before sleeping?

 custom retextured rabbit holes, Do they actually work?

 playability, Is the valley fun to play in and so forth?

plant recolors, Are their colors nice?

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There is a file alongside the world that includes necessary CC. By "necessary", it is needed.

Needed eps

  All but college life or whatever it is called

Needed sps

  None right now

 Would YOU like for your lot to be a part of this world?

 If so, reply to this message with a link or send me an email at